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Uncover hidden issues with your health with functional medicine.

Functional medicine deals with improving health through correcting underlying causes of a person’s complaints by improving the body’s natural physiology (function) instead of just covering up symptoms. Most medications to treat symptoms do so by suppressing or decreasing certain body functions. Comparatively, functional medicine tries to rebalance your body’s ability to function or to get it to function better. Treatments using this approach are not based on a symptom because two patients with the same condition may have very different causes and would thereby require different treatment.

Functional Medicine in Asheville, North Carolina

​Functional medicine, as practiced by Dr. Walicki, consists of the following:

  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis​A functional blood chemistry analysis entails looking for areas of dysfunction in a person’s metabolism by performing a comprehensive blood chemistry panel. These tests provide information about a person’s blood sugar, kidneys, electrolytes, digestion, liver, cholesterol, calcium, proteins, red blood cells, immune cells, thyroid, blood clotting, inflammation and vitamin/mineral status.
  • Functional EndocrinologyFunctional endocrinology involves looking for altered levels of hormones that are not considered to be in a state of disease but may be trending towards future pathology if left untreated. Patients can present with a myriad of symptoms, from being tired or having an inability to lose weight or fall asleep to feeling generally depressed.
  • Functional ImmunologyLike functional endocrinology, functional immunology involves the early or more critical detection of dysfunction in the immune system.

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