ADD and Dyslexia with Brain Performance Enhancement

When I came to see Dr. Walicki I wasn’t in pain but my posture and gait were off. I knew that if it continued uncorrected it would have led to a serious issue in the lower back. After seeing Dr. Walicki my posture and gait are nearly perfect and I’ve never been stronger…on top of that Dr. Walicki has successfully treated my dyslexia and ADD and greatly improved my overall neurology. After starting Dr. Walicki’s care I can see how much sharper my mind has become thanks to his chiropractic and functional neurology work. I feel like my mind is operating at 110%; he brought me back to 100% and unlocked another 10%!

Ryan C. – Asheville, NC


During an athletic event I dislocated my rib and later was diagnosed with a concussion. Dr. Walicki worked with me to regain proper neurological function for my traumatic brain injury and spinal stability to help my rib. I steadily progressed more and more until I was pain and concussion free. I don’t think there is another chiropractor even close Dr. Walicki and his excellence in care and healing!

Brittany A. – Hendersonville, NC

​Concussions with Migraine Headaches

I had multiple concussions in the last 3 years and was having problems with migraine headaches, vision, dizziness, numbness and pain. Upon seeing Dr. Walicki I had immediate relief of pain and dizziness and my numbness and vision are still improving. I was having migraines a couple of times a month and now maybe once or twice a year. I’ve had great results with Dr. Walicki!

Daryl B. – Candler, NC

Concussions – Post Concussive Syndrome with ADHD, Tics and Stuttering

​A few years ago my son had a concussion from a trampoline accident. He also had whiplash, severe headaches, nausea, stomach aches, neck spasms, sleep issues and balance problems. Despite being treated by pediatricians, 3 different chiropractors and various other therapists his symptoms persisted. After starting care with Dr. Walicki the neck spasms are gone and the stuttering and tics went away in 2 or 3 visits. His headaches have significantly gotten better and he no longer asks me if the room is turning. Also, thanks to Dr. Walicki, he sleeps well now and his hyperactivity has greatly decreased.

Chris B. – Arden, NC

Disc Herniation – Lower Back and Leg Pain

I had a pinched nerve in my lower back running down my leg that was very hard to diagnose. Dr. Walicki persisted until he found the cause of the problem and worked with an orthopedic surgeon (for injections and medications) to relieve the pain. Dr. Walicki’s care for the “whole” person has contributed to keeping me very active and healthy. I am much healthier and can do whatever I want thanks to the care I received from Dr. Walicki!

Joyce S. – Asheville, NC

Disc Herniation – Neck Pain and Hand Numb

My neck was painful and my right hand was numb. It was getting to the point after a year of having this that it had very little strength and I would drop things when using that hand. My medical doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. After seeing Dr. Walicki I regained normal strength and feeling in my hand and my neck is not painful anymore and I have better range of motion. I have been very pleased with his care. Not only has my condition improved but I have also improved my overall feeling of health.

Fran L. – Fletcher, NC


I had painful headaches along with lower back and shoulder pain. Dr. Walicki always provides excellent care and recovery for each issue.

Cynthia H. – Candler, NC

Multiple Chronic Conditions and Symptoms

I was diagnosed with dysautonomia, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), chronic pain, chronic fatigue, severe headaches, multiple sensitivities/allergies, vertigo, balance problems, Grand Mal seizures, multiple autoimmune conditions which have caused me debilitating (and life-threatening) symptoms that landed me in the hospital on numerous occasions. At other times I couldn’t walk down a hallway without bumping into both walls. I felt like I was moving constantly even when I was sitting still and those were the days when I could get out of bed! I believe multiple traumas, concussions and chronic stress caused most, if not all, of these conditions and symptoms. Over the years I have been treated my many physicians and medical specialists. I have also been treated by practitioners of integrative medicine, naturopathic medicine, chiropractors, nutritionists, acupuncturist and massage therapists. After seeing these practitioners I found that some things helped briefly but most made me worse! My physician and specialists prescribed multiple medications that made me a lot worse. At one point I was on 15 prescriptions. They were prescribing new ones to handle side effects of the other ones. They told me that medication was all they could do for me – that my conditions were permanent and would only get worse with time. I felt like I was dying and the medications were not helping – they were only adding to my symptoms. No one has made me feel functional again until I started seeing Dr. Walicki. I truly believe without his techniques and knowledge that I would, at best, be completely disabled today. I have my balance back, never had another seizure, my heart rate is normal and he continues to help me with the “permanent” conditions. I take ZERO prescription medication and I feel ALIVE! Dr. Walicki keeps me on my feet and out of the hospital so I can continue to live and be of service to my family and all the people I love. He regularly furthers his education and brings back new techniques to help more patients. Dr. Walicki helped me where no one else could!
Irene B – Austin, TX

Pain – Back

Through Dr. Walicki’s care I now have relief that allows me to work and play; I can do the things that I both want and NEED to do!

Heidi S. – Asheville, NC

Pain – Back and Neck

I have seen orthopedists and physical therapist for my pain and was referred to Dr. Walicki by another chiropractor. The work with Dr. Walicki and his staff have helped alleviate most if not all my painful symptoms.

Chris W. – Asheville, NC

Through Dr. Walicki’s treatment I’ve noticed a greater quality of life by simply being pain-free. My body’s become aligned and in-tune. If you want quality – see Dr. Walicki!

Dalton G. – Candler, NC

I came in with back and neck pain and can honestly say that I’m pain free and Dr. Walicki is great!!! I give him 5 stars all the way – the best results you can ask for!

Craig G. – Asheville, NC

As a ballroom dancer I can say that Dr. Walicki helps to keep me out of pain and able to enjoy my life and activities I like to do.

Leslea F. – Arden, NC

After being involved in a tractor trailer wreck 26 years ago I had severe back and neck pain. After seeing the medical doctors for 6 months to a year, they all said I wouldn’t get any better. I started seeing Dr. Walicki and despite what all the other doctors said Dr. Walicki never gave up on me. He kept on with my treatment and exercise regimen and by doing what he told me I am at least 80% to 90% better than when I started. I have HIGHLY recommended Dr. Walicki! He is a wonderful doctor in a wide variety of fields.

Larry H. – Asheville

After being involved in a tractor trailer wreck 26 years ago I had severe back and neck pain. After seeing the medical doctors for 6 months to a year, they all said I wouldn’t get any better. I started seeing Dr. Walicki and despite what all the other doctors said Dr. Walicki never gave up on me. He kept on with my treatment and exercise regimen and by doing what he told me I am at least 80% to 90% better than when I started. I have HIGHLY recommended Dr. Walicki! He is a wonderful doctor in a wide variety of fields.

Larry H. – Asheville

Pain – Knee

I play year round soccer and experienced knee pain when running. The results from working with Dr. Walicki have been amazing! Thanks to Dr. Walicki and his team I haven’t had to take any pain medication and no longer hurt.

Zuriel M – Mills River, NC

​Pain – Knee, Back and Neck

​I had been in chronic pain for years before I found Dr. Walicki and had seen orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, acupuncturists and other chiropractors. Seeing Dr. Walicki has been the best decision I’ve made…I am convinced that if it weren’t for the expertise and care of Dr. Walicki I wouldn’t be able to walk!

Susan L. – Flat Rock, NC

Pain – Neck

I have gotten more relief in two visits with Dr. Walicki than I did after going through six weeks of physical therapy!

Bonnie M. – Enka, NC

Pain – Shoulder, Knee and Back

Since starting treatment with Dr. Walicki I honestly have never felt better! My rotator cuff condition which I initially came in with is now doing great and my back which always hurt along with my right knee are pain free!

Ross G. – Hendersonville, NC


I have had severe scoliosis and pain associated with it for about 30 years. I saw Dr. Walicki and was impressed by the extent of the first exam. He found decreased strength in several muscles and the x-rays revealed a 47 degree scoliosis in my back. After the first adjustment my strength started to come back and my pain decreased. Dr. Walicki also gave me home exercises to help. I started with a head tilt, slight hump in my back and one shoulder higher – which are gone now! Follow-up x-rays also revealed a 17% reduction in my scoliosis. I feel so blessed to have found such a caring and knowledgeable doctor, I’m so thankful I found Dr. Walicki!

Carol W. – Candler, NC

Stress Relief

I have had high levels of stress after years of playing sports and having a stressful job along with a family and kids. The high stress leads to pain. I’ve come to see that Dr. Walicki is always learning new and innovative ways to treat his patients. His results have been fantastic!

Christi B. – Candler, NC


Our 7 year old son had seen several medical doctors who diagnosed him with a transient tic disorder. We were told there was not much that could be done. In the year that followed before starting treatment with Dr. Walicki the tic continued to worsen to include extreme arm and torso movements. Dr. Walicki and his staff have gone ‘above and beyond’ to help in the improvement of our son’s health. Through following Dr. Walicki’s course of treatments our son has improved tremendously with a close to 80% decrease in his tics. We have also definitely noticed his health and brain function have improved overall. He’s even doing better in school since starting treatment!

Micah H. – Asheville, NC


I had vertigo, difficulty sleeping, neck “cricks” and exhaustion for about 7 years. My physician had no answers after the MRI was “clear”. I saw Dr. Walicki and have had tremendous results! I’ve been months without vertigo, am able to maintain normal activity levels due to normal sleep and my neck pain is gone and feels stronger.

Emily G. – Candler, NC

Vertigo and Restless Leg Syndrome

I was plagued for years by bouts of vertigo and continuous restless leg syndrome. I just took for granted that they were things I had to live with. Well, I was wrong, Dr. Walicki helped me overcome both conditions completely! In addition he has helped my back after a series of serious falls. I have found Dr. Walicki and his staff to be the most caring and supportive group of people.

Susie C. – Asheville, NC

Whiplash and Headaches

I was involved in a car accident and sustained a severe whiplash. This caused frequent headaches along with neck, back, hip and ankle pain. I was referred by a family member to see Dr. Walicki. Dr. Walicki always works to find the deepest root of the problem and then he applies the appropriate therapies and makes the healing process fast.

Amanda B. – Enka, NC