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Utilizing Exercise to Rebalance the Body and the Brain

Dr. Walicki with the Functional Exercise course

Dr. Walicki with the Functional Exercise course instructors, Dr. David George and Dr. Stuart Fife.

Dr. Walicki employs a different approach than most other practitioners due to the fact that he can effectively incorporate exercises to blend aspects of rebalancing the muscles, biomechanics and brain all at the same time.

A Video Gait Analysis can be utilized in order to quantify which muscles or joints are over-working or under-working every time you move. This involves having you walk and do simple movement patterns while video recording the movements so that they can be paused in certain biomechanical positions. A computer can then be used to calculate the precise angle of each joint involved in the movement. Based on this information, Dr. Walicki can diagnose which areas of the body or the brain which controls certain muscles aren’t working correctly. The Video Gait Analysis can be combined with the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) to help diagnose if the cause of the biomechanical problem is due to mobility restrictions of a joint/muscle/fascia or a stability problem involving brain-to-muscle firing patterns.

If the problem is due to mobility restrictions, Dr. Walicki can utilize certain fascial techniques to loosen the fascia and/or incorporate specific stretching exercises in order to reset the muscle as well as the brain which can be setting the muscle to be too tight.

Conversely, if the problem is due to a stability mechanism, then strengthening exercises may be given to specific muscles with an emphasis on not only getting the muscle to get stronger but also rebalancing the brain at the same time to control the muscle. Different types of exercise activate different areas of the brain so Dr. Walicki will prescribe isometric, eccentric or concentric exercises based on each situation. Once the muscles are awakened, a stability problem may be present if the different areas of the brain don’t activate at the proper time or in the correct order. If the stability problem is coming from a brain timing alteration then the Interactive Metronome may be used in order to reset those areas of the brain. Alternately, if there is an improper order of brain-to-muscle activation patterns then exercises may be performed on the ATM2 to re-pattern proper sequential muscle movements.

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