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Get back to doing the walking you love without the pain from lumbar spine stenosis.

If you go back a few centuries, you wouldn’t find very many people experienced lumbar spine stenosis. That is because the life expectancy then wasn’t nearly as long as it is today and it is the later years, in most cases, when we start to see the degeneration of vertebrae, discs, ligaments, and muscles that must work together properly to keep the spinal column in alignment. If you are experiencing pain in your legs, pain in your lower back, difficulty when walking, or your legs feel numb, weak, or tingly, the potential cause is lumbar spine stenosis.

Lumbar Spine Stenosis in Asheville, North Carolina

In a nutshell, what this means is that your spinal nerves are being impeded due to compression, a herniated disc, a bulging disc, or another type of bone protrusion that is causing a narrowing where the spinal nerves pass through the lumbar region. While aging may be difficult to combat, there are treatment modalities that can ease the symptoms of lumbar spine stenosis. At Advanced Chiropractic Center, we tailor treatment plans for our patients in the Asheville, North Carolina area based on the type of stenosis they have and other factors.

The goal is to avoid surgery for lumbar spine stenosis since that should always be a last resort given the recuperation time, potential risks, and other concerns involved. We will give you straight answers about the noninvasive modalities that can be used for your lumbar spine stenosis and the expected results. To get started, call our office to schedule an appointment for an initial evaluation. If you would like to get back to those long walks in the park or be able to attack the shopping mall in earnest again without the pain from lumbar spine stenosis, call us for more information for achieving better health overall to do the things you love.

At Advanced Chiropractic Center, we treat lumbar spine stenosis for those from Asheville and Hendersonville and throughout Buncombe County and Henderson County, North Carolina.