Balance Disorders, Buncombe County, NC

We want to help get you on steady ground once more with our many balance disorder treatment options.

Feeling out of whack or out of sorts isn’t uncommon, but when you have issues with your balance that are persistent and constant, you need to seek out medical treatment. Dizziness or trouble with your balance are dangerous medical troubles that shouldn’t be ignored or brushed off. Many people suffer from falls each year that can be dangerous and debilitating. Here at Advanced Chiropractic Center, we want to help you with your balance issues and balance disorders in the Buncombe County, North Carolina area.

Balance Disorders in Buncombe County, North Carolina

Because we are one of the few places in the area with a chiropractor who is also board qualified in functional neurology, you can put your trust in us to take care of your balance disorders. With over 25 years of experience working with all sorts of issues, from concussions to pain syndromes to balance disorders to depression, we know that you will appreciate how we are able to tease out symptoms and their causes, giving you the results you have been looking for.

We believe in taking a tailored and customized approach to caring for our patients, so you will feel comfortable and confident from the moment you walk into our office. We’re not only interested in helping you treat the symptoms of your balance disorders, but also want to focus on and determine the cause to find long-lasting relief and improvements for your symptoms.

Here at Advanced Chiropractic Center, you will be welcomed immediately into a warm and comfortable environment for your treatments. If you are struggling to keep your balance, feeling extra-clumsy or have been recently diagnosed with a balance disorder, please come and talk with us today to learn more about your treatment options.

At Advanced Chiropractic Center, we treat balance disorders for those from Asheville and Hendersonville and throughout Buncombe County and Henderson County, North Carolina.