Lower Back Pain Treatment, Buncombe County, NC

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With the appropriate lower back pain treatment, you could be on the road to a pain-free you!

According to The Hidden Impact of Musculoskeletal Disorders on Americans, United States Bone and Joint Initiative, 2018, back pain results in more than 264 million lost workdays every year. As one of the most common reasons for absenteeism, it is critical that as a nation we learn ways to deal with back pain and that means coming up with lower back pain treatment options that don’t involve the downtime, pain, and expense of surgery or contribute further to the opioid epidemic.

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Buncombe County, North Carolina

At Advanced Chiropractic Center, we not only involve noninvasive lower back pain treatment modalities, but we can also provide you with the right strategies to prevent back pain in the future. Our goal is to guide you toward improved overall health and wellness so that your quality of life is improved and maintained.

There are many different causes for lower back pain, and people of any age in Buncombe County, North Carolina can experience it. Given the complicated structure of the back and its network of ligaments, joints, bones, and muscles, it is not surprising how easily it can become dysfunctional and cause discomfort if any part is diminished in one way or another. The good news is that most people with lower back pain can recover provided they seek out the best lower back pain treatment for their condition. That is why we do not use a cookie-cutter approach and instead carefully evaluate your spinal health to determine exactly what is going on and develop the right treatment plan for you. Contact us today to schedule an initial evaluation to get started on the road to a pain-free you!

At Advanced Chiropractic Center, we offer lower back pain treatment for those from Asheville and Hendersonville and throughout Buncombe County and Henderson County, North Carolina.