What are the 4 Most Common Types of Balance Disorders?

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Many of us feel dizzy and off balance from time to time, but if you are feeling chronic symptoms, such as lightheadedness, blurred vision, spinning motion, or the sensation you are moving even when sitting still, you may want to seek medical diagnosis and treatment. Four of the most common types of balance disorders include:

1.  Ménière’s Disease. The cause of Meniere’s disease is unknown and usually presents as an abnormal amount of fluid in the inner ear. This inner ear disorder causes hearing loss, tinnitus and episodes of vertigo. Meniere’s disease is a chronic condition that can occur at any age but is most often seen in young and middle-aged adults.

What are the 4 Most Common Types of Balance Disorders?

2.  Positional Vertigo.  This balance disorder is characterized by short instances of vertigo when you move your head. It may present as a spinning sensation when you tilt your head or look over your shoulder. Positional vertigo can be caused by a head injury, but also happens as we age.

3.  Labyrinthitis. This balance disorder is often due to an upper respiratory infection and is characterized by inflammation of the inner ear leading to dizziness and loss of balance.

4.  Perilymph fistula.This disorder is caused by a leakage of inner ear fluid into the middle ear. It is often due to dramatic changes in air pressure, physical exertion or chronic ear infections and causes unsteadiness that increases with physical activity, dizziness and nausea.

If you are having chronic problems with balance and dizziness and feel that you need to be seen by a healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment, please give us a call at Advanced Chiropractic Center today!