Types of Chiropractic Treatments [infographic]

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Here at Advanced Chiropractic Center, we want to help you find the effective pain relief you have been looking for, and we offer a range of chiropractic treatments to do just that. Below, you will find a brief overview of some of the various treatments we offer and what they do.

  • Spinal Manipulation – Spinal manipulation is a chiropractic technique that involves using gentle manual pressure and stretching to adjust the alignment of your spine. By bringing your spinal column into better alignment, your chiropractor can alleviate pressure on your joints, reduce inflammation, and improve overall nerve function.
  • Spinal Decompression – In this chiropractic technique, you will lie on a special treatment table that will gradually extend, gently stretching your spine along with it. Spinal compression can impede the flow of water, oxygen, and other essential fluids to your spinal discs, and spinal decompression is designed to allow these fluids to flow freely once more.
  • Activator Method Treatment – This type of chiropractic adjustment uses a hand-held, spring-loaded instrument to provide quick, low-force pressure at precise points. The instrument is so fast that muscles do not tense and resist the treatment, facilitating a more effective treatment. The force is also controlled such that it does not put the joint in a compromised position by twisting or bending.
  • Drop-Table Technique – Chiropractic treatment tables are made of separate padded panels, each fitted with a drop mechanism. The drop-table technique involves the chiropractor using a quick thrust to adjust part of the patient’s spine—the table falls a fraction of an inch, which allows the force to produce the desired result on the spine without hurting the patient.

While this is not a complete list of our chiropractic treatments, we hope that this list has given you enough information to de-mystify common chiropractic approaches for you. In addition to chiropractic treatments, we offer a wide range of other therapies to treat sources of pain and other disorders. If you are interested in giving any of our treatments a try, you can check out our website—www.advanced-chiropractic-center.com—or to give us a call at (828) 667-8000.