Massage Therapy: What are the Physical Benefits?

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When most of us hear the words “massage therapy”, we think of going to a spa to pamper ourselves and relax, but the truth is, massage therapy has benefits that go way beyond that. One of the biggest reasons that massage therapy has such a benefit is that it calms and slows the nervous system, which in turn, lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Massage ranges from light rubbing to deep pressure and involves manipulation of your skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Massage Therapy: What are the Physical Benefits?

Massage therapy has been practiced for thousands of years and there are many different types. The most common is Swedish massage. This form of massage works the topmost layer of muscles using kneading strokes and light, tapping strokes as well as movement of the joints. Deep tissue massage focuses on deeper layers of muscles and tendons using slow, deliberate strokes, which help with muscle injuries or soreness. The other most common type of massage therapy is sports massage. This type of massage was developed to promote flexibility and prevent injuries in athletes. This massage is often done to ease muscle strains or aid in healing after a sports injury.

Studies have shown that massage therapy is an effective way to reduce stress, minimize pain, reduce muscle tension and anxiety, improve digestive disorders, treat fibromyalgia, headaches, and insomnia and a whole host of other chronic conditions.

A massage can do wonders for your body and mind and you will be amazed at how great it makes you feel, whether you are looking for stress relief or have a specific health condition. If you think you could benefit from massage therapy, please give us a call at Advanced Chiropractic Center today!