How to Help Your Back Pain

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There’s nothing to throw off your day like back pain. When your back is sore, you’re likely to want to just sit or lie down until the pain goes away. This is only a temporary solution, though, since eventually you will need to get up to continue with the rest of your day. However, instead of just pushing through the pain, here are some tips to help alleviate some of your back pain:

  • Improve posture: You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s true. Poor posture is an easy way to put strain on the muscles in your back. This makes your back stiff and painful to move.

How to Help Your Back Pain

  •  Take medication: There are many pain relivers that can help with your back. Some are easy to access, like aspirin or ibuprofen. Others, such as muscle relaxants, may require a prescription. However, if the medication helps with the pain, then you should consider this option.
  •  Apply ice or heat: If you’ve injured your back or you’re finding that your back is inflamed, applying ice is a great way to help with the strain. Ice can help bring down the swelling and numb the pain. Another option is to apply heat to your back. Doing this can help relax your muscles to make your back less painful.

Even while following these suggestions, another great way to help alleviate back pain is through a chiropractor. If you’re interested in discussing your options with an experienced chiropractor, give us a call at Advanced Chiropractic Center today!