What is the Best Fat for the brain? Yes, its DHA in Algae Oil and Fish

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What is the Best Fat for the brain? Yes, its DHA in Algae Oil and FishFish oil capsules are rich in EPA and DHA. However, EPA and DHA offer different benefits. The fact is that such a ratio between the two matters do have a significance, when it is something about brain health. It can be said that a high ratio which exists between DHA to EPA is good for the brain. The supplement which has a focus on EPA helps in reducing the inflammation which exists in the body.

EPA or (eicosapentaenoic acid) or DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) both are popular omega 3 fatty acids. These are found naturally in cold water ocean fish, which include mackerel, salmon, herrings, sardines, black cod and also bluefish. These are said to be one of the best ways to get omega 3 fatty acids.

Vegetarians usually find omega 3 fatty acids in seeds and raw nuts. It needs to be noted that seeds and nuts usually have high fatty acids which are in form of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which the body can quickly convert into DHA and EPA.

In case you have blood sugar problems from consuming a diet which is high in carbs, it is likely that your body is not able to carry out the conversion properly. Besides in many people, their body do not do a good job in making this conversion due to the blood sugar, genetic issues, a diet which is high in omega 3 oils due to high consumption of processed and packaged foods. It is also due to increasing use of omega 6 oils which includes canola.

Organic algae farms are an important source of brain-friendly DHA.

However, there is a problem of depending on fish for a source of omega 3 fatty acids, as the ocean fish are these days quite problematic. Due to excessive fishing, the fish population is dwindling. Ocean fish is also contaminated due to the presence of pollutants and rich metals. It is quite sad, we are facing such a condition.

However, researchers have now discovered that DHA which is available from fish is available from the microscopic algae which is usually consumed by them. Now, users can have DHA algae oil because of organic microscopic algae processing. Studies have revealed that algae oil offers the same kind of omega 3 levels, as fish.

Thus, it means that you can now get algae oil-based various fatty acid supplement, with rich source of DHA and EPA. This is available with a 24:1 ration. Usually supplements and essential fatty acid is available with 1:1 ratio of DHA to EPA.

Algae oil is available with some added benefits which includes avoiding the reduction of fish population and also reduced contamination of mercury and various other toxins.

Here are some reasons why DHA is good for brain

EPA is quite helpful in lowering chronic pain conditions and inflammation, DHA is good for the brain. Studies have revealed that when DHA is consumed in high ratios, it helps in conditions like cognitive decline, bipolar symptoms, cognitive decline, mood swings and also depression.

In case you wish to support the brain health, you need to ensure that essential fatty acid supplement should have a ratio of 4:1 – DHA to EPA. In case you would like a 24:1 ratio, you can get in touch with my office.

How DHA Helps in Improving Health and Brain Function:

DHA helps in supporting the neurons of the brain.

There is plenty of DHA in brain which ensures that the neurons are flexible and fluid. This is extremely necessary for the neurons of the brain to communicate. If there is good communication between the different neurons, it helps in excellent brain function, it helps in good cognition and it helps in increasing the alertness and calmness of the brain. This helps in good development of brain in children. It is also effective for healthy brain aging. DHA also has a close relation with brain degeneration.

DHA is also good for improving the long- and short-term memory. It also helps in reducing brain inflammation. It is important for reducing brain inflammation since this is the primary function of many common problems. This includes brain fog, memory loss, fatigue and also depression. Brain fog is quite serious as it increasing the speed of brain aging. It also increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

DHA Prevents conditions of Leaky-Brain Barrier:

In case you know about intestinal permeability and leaky gut, you might also be interested in the fact that the brain can leak too. There is a cellular lining of the brain, known as blood-brain barrier. This barrier, helps in keeping the brain protected from different kinds of pathogens, toxins and bacteria which helps in movement of various nano-sized components. Leaky brain is quite common and is usually accompanied by problem of leaky gut. Both these conditions have same mechanisms. A condition of leaky blood-brain barrier is known to increase the speed by which brain degeneration happens. It also increases the risk associated with dementia.

A study has revealed that DHA can be used for preserving the integrity of blood-brain barrier.

DNA Needed for Brain Support:

​People usually do not realize the quantity of fish oil they need for omega 3 fatty acid. This is quite true, if people consume more of restaurant foods, cereals, crackers, chips and different foods which are rich in omega 6 fatty acids. A study has revealed that the beneficial quantity is 3,500 mg and having 2000 calories in a day with four capsules is recommended.

In case of algal oil, the dose is usually lesser than fish oil. This is usually 2-3 grams in a day. Fish oil helps in thinning the blood. Speak to your Doctor, if you wish to start taking it.
To get more advice on how functional medicine and functional neurology can help in improving the brain health, you can get in touch with my office.