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Help your Kid be A Happy Adult – Get them more into NatureIt’s a wish for parents to see their children grow into happy and healthy adults. However, a recent study has revealed that they might be missing out one powerful ingredient which might help this happen: Lots of time spent in nature.

According to a Danish study, the more time kids spend amidst nature, they happier they are going to be as adults.

This study was not conducted on just a few students. To ensure that the analysis is done correctly, the research was done for a period of 28 years and on more than 1 million subjects.

They considered several factors, which influenced happiness when they looked at data. These factors included socioeconomic status, education, mental health and other factors. Even when considering all these factors when looking at a specific data, it was found that there was at least 55% lower rate of mental health issues in adults, who spent time more amidst nature. This is certainly a lot effective than many pharmaceutical drugs.

For the verification of data, the researchers used different satellite images of the hometown of the subjects’.

Study Shows Link with Nature and Mental Health:

This is considered to be the most comprehensive and large study of such a kind, but it is not the only study. In the past, many researches have demonstrated the fact that mental health has direct relation with exposure to nature.

It is known that 50% of the urban population resides in urban areas. The number is expected to increase to at least 70%. Such studies are quite important because they lay stress on the need of incorporating green areas into cities and its suburbs.

Check Some Ways How Nature Can Improve Mental Health:

Helps to Improve Creativity – It is known that if you spend time in nature, it helps in improving complex working memory, helps to reduce anxiety, rumination and also improves cognition.

Reduces Depression – As per a study conducted in 2012 where the subjects had severe depression and went for long walks. One such group walked in urban environment while the other group walked in nature. It was found that those who spent time walking in nature had better mood and memory.

Helps to Reduce Anxiety: Though regular exercise can make a difference in brain health and can improve the brain functioning, if you choose to exercise in nature, it can help in reducing the anxiety level.

It is known to reduce stress among children and elderly. The elderly and the children are known to be quite vulnerable and often get stressed in an urban environment. Places where there are playgrounds, parks and gardens are quite helpful in reducing stress in both the groups. Studies have also revealed that green spaces can help in improving the quality of life, especially in senior.

Gardening is quite helpful in lowering the stress hormones. As per a study conducted in 2011, it was found that gardening is quite helpful in reducing the stress hormones. It also helps in reducing stress.

​Keeps the Heart Healthy: Walking in nature helps to reduce stress hormones. It is also known to reduce blood pressure which can reduce confusion, fatigue and anxiety. All these mean you have a healthy body and a healthy heart.

Feel Healthy – According to a 2006 study, it was found that an urban environment which had lots of green, helped people think and feel healthy.

Quick Recovery – Those who are sick or are recovering from an injury, are known to recover quickly when amidst nature. A study revealed that hospital patients, who could view trees recovered much faster than others who had a view of brick wall.

Helpful for Women – It is known that women who spent a lot of time in nature can reduce their anxiety and stress. Spending time in nature helps in promoting a healthy and clear emotional perspective which is quite reassuring.

How Our Brains Respond to Nature:

It is quite natural that we feel happy amidst nature. Urban life is quite new, when compared to the time span of the human history. But scientists have theorized that people certainly function and feel in a better way when amidst nature. Here are some reasons:

  • Evolution has a natural response to nature and this is a survival strategy
  • Nature helps the brain function by offering more attention.
  • Amidst nature we are exposed to bacteria of the soil. This helps in promoting the release of serotonin. This is a natural anti-depressant chemical.

Functional Neurology is quite effective and can help in improving and restoring the functions of the brain. One feels naturally inclined and the person feels a lot motivated to stay in the natural environment. Also, take into account the several mental health benefits which helps in creating a garden with hanging plants, potted plants and garden.