Art - Lower your Stress and Feed Your Right Brain in A Left-Brain World

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Art - Lower your Stress and Feed Your Right Brain in A Left-Brain WorldAccording to the latest start creating art, whether it is collage making, drawing or sculpting can help in reducing stress hormones, even when you are not an artist. It is extremely necessary for the brain health, as stress can actually ravage through the brain. In functional neurology, we learn that information overload actually hammers our left-brain continuously. Art is a smart way to exercise the right brain. It also helps in improving the overall function of the brain.

This study collected different samples of various stress hormones before and also subjects spent some quality time in making collages, sculpting and drawing. Three fourth of the subjects showed lesser stress after the such an art making period. The results were same and not influenced by the fact, whether the person had previous experience in creation of art.

Subjects felt less obsessive, calm and less anxious

This is quite interesting – it is about a large number of the subjects who were registered with high levels of cortisol. Though, researchers believe it is not a bad thing, as it means increased engagement and excitement. The older subjects showed lower cortisol responses.

This study is quite important as stress is said to be an important contributor of accelerated brain degeneration. This is extremely damaging to hippocampus. This is the section of the brain which works to regulate stress. It is also the seat for memory and learning.

It is known that high cortisol which happens in case of chronic stress can degenerate or erode the hippocampus. The brain becomes more conductive and experiences stress Besides, it starts eroding memory and learning as well.

When adrenal adaptogen are taken, they help in buffering the brain from all damages caused due to high cortisol. But it is very important to engage in some activities, which will help in relieving right-brain stress.

How Art Can Support the Right Brain:

Studies have revealed another value when art is created, though you are not an artist. In case of most of us, life is usually dominated by the left-brain existence. Working long hours, with an overload of digital information and the stress of survival in America has increased our stress level. There are a few left-brain characteristics which include thinking with words, fact oriented, logical, analytical, quite numerical and also structured.

But, for optimal functioning of the brain, both sides of the brain need to work equally. For most of us, the right side of the brain is usually neglected. You need to consider the right-brain characteristics, which are often overlooked.

  • Creative
  • Free thinking ability
  • Visionary
  • Big Picture Thinker
  • Intuitive
  • Thinking about visuals more than words

In case of functional neurology, we understand that brain rehabilitation is quite complex. It is much more than anything about right brain vs the left-brain dominance. In case, you find that some right brain traits are missing in life, you need to engage in a few things which can lower the stress level, which includes improving memory, learning and cognition.

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