New Study Reveals That Statins Are Useless

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New Study Reveals That Statins Are UselessAccording to a new study, which is quite controversial, it is known that high levels of cholesterol do not actually reduce the lifespan. It is revealed that statins are actually ‘waste to use’. Earlier, studies revealed that statins did have a risk for diabetes.

Research was carried out on more than 70,000 people. It was revealed that high levels of bad cholesterol was not directly risky and was not responsible for early death due to cardiovascular diseases, especially in case of people who were over 60 years.

The authors recommended review of statin guidelines and mentioned that benefits associated with statins were highly exaggerated.

The study did not find any link between early death and high levels of cholesterol. However, studies found that those who had higher levels of bad cholesterol or LDL also known as low density lipoprotein, lived for a long time. Such individuals revealed less instances of heart problems.

A vascular surgeon and a co-author revealed that cholesterol played a major role in the prevention of cancer, infection, pain in the muscles and different health problems in elders. He also revealed that using statins for lowering cholesterol were nothing but a time wastage. It was mentioned that lifestyle changes did help in betterment of cardiovascular health.

Of course, this called for a lot of debate and many conclusions were actually dismissed by the expert. Statins are counted as one of the most prescribed drugs. It is also known that 1 in every 4 Americans who were above the age of 40 used statins. More than $20 billion in a year is spent on the medicine. The use of statin has increased 80% and more in the past 20 years.

Statins Were Closely Associated with Different Health Disorders and Diabetes

In case of functional medicine, it is known that cholesterol is an important compound which has a number of functions. It helps in building muscle strength and improves brain function. Low cholesterol levels are also closely linked with many health disorders and diabetes as well.

According to a study, it was revealed that more than 9000 people who were in 60s and were using statins had close to 40% increased risk of type 2 diabetes. There were also at a risk of suffering from high blood sugar, insulin resistance and pre-diabetic conditions. Results reveal that increase in blood pressure is common in countries where people had high cholesterol levels. Americans are known to have reduced risk of heart diseases.

How Functional Medicine Can Improve Heart Health Instead of Statin

The truth is that functional medicine does help in improving cardiovascular health. This happens as it stays away from drugs which come with many dangerous side effects. Though lifestyle changes do require a lot of effort and is certainly not easier than having a few pills, they take care of the main problem of the condition and do not simply override them. Thus, it implies that an individual feels and functions better.

How is this functional medicine approach?

  • It is about a diet which is anti-inflammatory
  • It releases the good endorphins which brings in better mood. Through exercises endorphins are releases which are anti-inflammatory.
  • Offers nutritional support
  • Helps in identification of the main causes of inflammation. Such a cause might be different for different people. Some of the common causes include poor functioning thyroid, high levels of blood sugar, leaky gut problems, imbalances in brain, infections which can be bacterial or fungal and also an autoimmune disorder which is still undiagnosed.

Things need to be addressed from such an angle since cholesterol is significant for good health. It is usually found in each cell. It plays an important role in producing cell membranes, different vitamins and hormones. This is also crucial for the brain health.

How Inflammation Can Promote Heart Diseases:

Surprisingly results revealed that it is not cholesterol but chronic inflammation which increases the risk for heart disease. CRP or the C reactive protein plays a vital role. If this protein is of a high level, there is increased risk of heart disease, even more than those who suffer from high cholesterol levels. Those who suffer from high levels of CRP and not cholesterol are also at a risk of heart disease.

Functional medicine is quite helpful in such a situation. It helps in not just lowering of the inflammation, but it also helps in improving the heart health. Besides, all risks associated with statins are reduced along with other inflammatory conditions which includes dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Earlier research has revealed that that was a risk of diabetes in 50% women who took statins.
Besides this other side effects which are associated with statins include elevated blood sugar, muscle weakness, dizziness, difficulty in sleep, headache and muscle wasting.

Chronic Inflammation – The Main Cause of Heart Disease is Not Addressed by Statins

Statins might be quite effective in reducing cholesterol but they do not address the main cause of heart disease. It is known that chronic inflammation is one of the main causes of heart disease though many people develop it genetically. It is known that cholesterol is used by the body to repair all arteries which are damaged due to inflammation which is one of the main causes of strokes and heart attack.
For example, a large number of people who suffer from heart attacks are known to have normal levels of cholesterol. If you wish to enjoy your life better, you need to take care of your well being and energy.