How To Lower Your Toxin Burden And Safeguard Your Immunity?

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How To Lower Your Toxin Burden And Safeguard Your Immunity?We live in an age where we have plenty of toxins around us. In fact, we carry huge quantity of toxins from the environment and heavy metals in our body. You might be having just organic meals, you might be consuming only filtered water and not using any kind of toxic products at home or for your body, you might still be in contact with toxins which are present in the environment and which are a part of our daily living.

​The good news is that we can take care of health and reduce the impact of such toxins on our body. A few strategies might be to detoxify the body and reduce the toxic exposure. You can also consider some anti-inflammatory protocols which can reduce the effects of toxins on body. This is usually done by providing support to the pathways which help in elimination. You might also include binders to ‘sponge up’ some toxins in the body.

How an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Can Help:

Toxins are quite inflammatory. If you wish to reduce the inflammatory load, you need to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet. There are several organic foods as well which are loaded with these toxins fur to soil, water and air contamination, but if you still select foods which are not grown with the use of pesticides, using hormones and pesticides, it will still help in reducing the overall burden.

Try and keep the blood sugar steady as you keep away from foods which are rich in processed carbohydrates and sugar. However, you shouldn’t follow a crash low blood sugar diet. You shouldn’t also overeat.

You need to stay away from foods which cause an inflammatory response in your body. In case you are intolerant to certain foods and if you are aware that these foods can cause inflammation, you need to keep them away from your diet. These foods are usually in the form of corn, egg, soy, dairy and also gluten. Along with reducing the sources of inflammation from your diet, you can also use a few supplements which can reduce inflammation.

Studies have revealed that if you take high dose of antioxidants such as curcumin or resveratrol, you will be able to keep your body safeguarded from different chemicals. This is especially when you choose to have them in liposomal form lutathione, which is available in absorbable form is another easy way to reduce inflammation and safeguard your body. If there is insufficient level of glutathione, it will increase the risk of increasing chemical sensitivities. Besides having absorbable glutathione, there is a scope to increase glutathione levels just inside the cells with alpha lipoic acid, L-glutamine, milk thistle, gotu kola, cordyceps and n-acetyl-cysteine.

Toxins Binding in Body:

​You can take the nutritional compounds regularly which will bind the toxins for convenient removal. This is another way to buffer the body. Binders are quite helpful in removing environmental toxins, heavy metals, bacteria, fungal infections, mycotoxins and other infections from the body.

Find Some Examples of A Few Effective Binders

Modified citrus pectin is available from the citrus peel. It is usually processed in a way which helps it get into the bloodstream. It binds well with the toxins. This helps in convenient and safe removal of toxins from body. This citrus pectin is a wonderful prebiotic or a good source of nutrition for the gut bacteria. Having a healthy gut microbiome helps in keeping your health protected from toxins. You need to find a source which is completely free of fillers.

Activated Charcoal is quite affordable and popular binder for the toxins. It is quite helpful and helps in soothing different digestive problems.

French clay or illite, montmorillonite and bentonite are all suitable for binding toxins. As you mix this with water, the clay gets a quality quite like sponge. It takes an electrical charge and is able to attract harmful compounds. Try and find a product which has no lead contamination.

Zeolite is usually formed with ash and volcanic rock. This is quite a popular binder and suitable for binding heavy metals and also toxins.

Chloerella – This is a blue and green alga which has a good affinity for lead and mercury. This is rich in various antioxidants, minerals and also vitamin B. If you take blood thinners, you need to avoid chlorella.
Silica – In many people silica helps in improving nails, skin and hair. It also plays an excellent role in binding different metals which includes thallium which is quite hard to detox.

It is important that you support the pathways of elimination as you detoxify.

Binders are known to work wonderfully in removing toxins. However, if the pathways of such elimination is quite faulty, you will be more toxic. You can also ensure that you are well mineralized. Heavy metals can easily bind to different cellular receptors when there are no necessary minerals.

So, how can you support this elimination of different toxin and have a healthy gallbladder and liver function which functions good bowel elimination. You need to ensure that you are well hydrated as you take good care of your bladder and kidneys. You need to have 25-38 grams of fiber daily. You need to stay hydrated and have foods which are good for the liver which include greens and bitters. You also need to exercise regularly, which will help in stimulating the lymphatic system. You also need to indulge in activities which can help to sweat out which means toxins will flow away from your body.

How You Can Avoid Chemical Sensitivities

Though we all wish to reduce our toxin burden, we would like to avoid all kinds of chemical sensitivities. The overall toxic burden doesn’t actually matter as if you have an immune reaction. In fact, you might react to any toxin in the same way as you react to dairy or gluten. It is quite difficult to remove a toxin from the environment than from diet or the toxin which is actually quite tough to remove from dairy or food, especially when the toxin is present in the air in the form of benzene in various plastics, in form of BPA.

Thus, it is quite important that you choose an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. If you have chemical sensitivities, you can get in touch with my office and know about different methods which can help you in lowering sensitivity and learn how you can tolerate it.