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Documentaries about Autoimmune DiseasesThe toughest part about dealing with an autoimmune disorder or any chronic health condition is about how segregated it can make the individual. It is an ‘invisible’ illness, but you might appear to be normal and healthy to others. You might be suffering in phases with symptoms of brain fog, fatigue, depression and other kinds of chronic illnesses. It is known that several people suffering from chronic health problems are not believed by doctors or members of their family. These people are often referred to as whiny and lazy.

Remember that you are not alone. You will find validation and comradery in some shows which are on the topic.

Here is a list of the streaming shows which will take you through the world of autoimmune and chronic health disorders. You might not be suffering from the same problem as the subjects of these documentaries, but you might relate to the journey.


This popular 2018 Netflix docuseries is about many people who suffer from different mysterious health conditions, as they move from one treatment to another, in a bid to start the healing process. Afflicted gathered a lot of criticism from subjects as it was edited in a way, which made the disorder appear to be psychosomatic. This is said to be the biggest stigma in people who suffer from autoimmune disorders and struggle with on a daily basis. If you watch the series, keep this in mind or otherwise the subjects are quite open, and they are quite susceptible about the struggles.

Under Our Skin

This is a 2008 Amazon Prime Documentary which deals with the disabling effects of the Lyme disease and the endless search for its effective remedies. The documentary is about the psychological and emotional journey of problematic symptoms and despair. It is about the never-ending search for remedies, the situations of medical denial and the neglect which is still prevalent.

Brain on Fire

This is a 2016 drama which is totally based on the real story of a young lady, who suddenly starts experiencing psychiatric and neurological problems which starts worsening with time. Multiple tests are carried out by Doctors, who insist that everything is fine. Finally, she was diagnosed with neurological autoimmunity.

My Kid is Not Crazy

This is all about the struggles of parents whose kids suffer from psychiatric and neurological disorders, which is triggered by a strep infection. This condition is known as (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections.) or PANDAS. Parents need to keep an eye for not just the tragic and frightening systems but need to think about ridicule, controversy and scepticism. Research has established the fact that infections can lead to neurological autoimmunity in children and in adults.

Living Proof

This is a 2017 documentary which is about the journey of a man, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It’s the depiction of not just his struggle with the autoimmune disease but it deals with the role of conventional medicine, different pharmaceutical companies and also the drug-funded Multiple Sclerosis Society. Matt Embry, the filmmaker along with his family, take the help of science when Doctors are not able to solve his problem. At the end, Matt Embry advocates a unique diet and a fresh lifestyle approach which helps in managing the condition.

Gaga: Five Foot Two

A look into the life of Lady Gaga ‘Gaga: Five Foot Two’, this is about her struggles with body pain, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia and also a search for relief. Viewers get a glimpse into the life of Lady Gaga’s life when she suffers due to a pain flare in the year 2017. Lady Gaga mentions that she decided to depict her struggle with the chronic and the condition as she was really tired of people who thought the condition never existed.


Unrest 2017 – created by a PhD student of the Harvard University. She was just two months away from being married, when she was bedridden due to chronic fatigue syndrome known as ME/CFS. She was no longer able to read, write or work. It was then she started chronicling her disease with the help of her iPhone, which included footage of different people from other parts of the world. In the film, she and other suffer not due to the disease but also from the mockery of the society. You can find Unrest in Amazon.

Autoimmune Disorders – Chronic Health and Functional Medicine

A common thread which connects all these documentaries is the disregard, disbelief and ridicule which the patients suffering from autoimmune disorders and chronic health go through, especially in the insurance-based health system. Often it is said that the patients are making up their various symptoms, they need psychiatrist help, medical attention and recurrently mentioned that they do not suffer from any problem.

In case of functional medicine, the symptoms are taken quite seriously. We will not accuse the patients and do not believe that they are attention seeking. We advise tests to find the primary causes of the symptoms and help patients by revamping their diet and lifestyle, helping them to recover quickly.

Get in touch with my office for more information on how to manage chronic health conditions or autoimmune disorders.