3 Ailments that Acupuncture Can Help With

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Here at Advanced Chiropractic Center, we want to help you live a healthy life free from pain and discomfort. One of the treatments we offer in order to achieve this goal is acupuncture. In this article, we’ll go over three common ailments that acupuncture can help alleviate.

3 Ailments that Acupuncture Can Help With

1.   Lower Back Pain- From poor ergonomic design to uncomfortable mattresses to strenuous physical work, there are a large number of things that can cause lower back pain. However, there are nowhere near as many effective treatments. If you suffer from acute back pain, acupuncture may be able to provide the relief you’ve been looking for, as studies have shown that acupuncture treatments lessen pain intensity and improve function.

2.   Tension Headaches- Our team at Advanced Chiropractic knows that stress takes a physical toll, and it can easily manifest in symptoms such as tension headaches. If you suffer from frequent tension headaches, our acupuncture treatments can offer some relief. A 2016 review showed that those who combined their usual headache treatment with a six-session acupuncture regimen saw a decrease in headache frequency compared to those who stuck to the usual treatment alone.

3.   Knee Pain- Another common issue that acupuncture can help with is knee pain, specifically due to osteoarthritis. Acupuncture has been shown to provide effective pain relief, and to help delay patients’ need to use opioid pain medication.

If you suffer from one of these conditions or want to know if acupuncture can help with a problem we didn’t cover here, just give our team at Advanced Chiropractic a call to learn more.